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Kuta is a high-end talent recruitment service provider.The company was established in 2007 and located in Shanghai.                            

Kuta is the leading professional human resources service provider. Kuta builds its reputation by a first-class consultants and vast network of human resources, also thanks to our deep understanding of the recruitment demand of the multinational companies. In full consideration of relevant national HR policy, Kuta aims at promoting candidate and employer’s communication and selection. Kuta helps our client search for senior management personnel and technical personnel, makes our best effort to provide our customers with specialized, standardized, high efficiency and high quality service.    

Kuta's targeted customer mainly are multinational companies which have entered the Chinese market, the industry's leading companies, well-known Chinese large enterprises and more fast-growing emerging enterprises. Kuta is especially good at recommending positions like: senior position and key technical position, mostly focus on industrial, construction, engineering and project management.    

Kuta has built its reputation in industrial technology, engineering, technical services, oil and gas, marine engineering, quality inspection, testing, certification. With an impressive capability to search, outstanding achievement, Kuta is committed to become the customer's powerful partners for recruitment.

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