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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) refers to that a client company outsources its recruitment process to a professional third party RPO service providing company. RPO service providing company is managing the whole recruiting process. RPO is one kind of Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), the major difference between RPO and other forms of HRO is that RPO provides the most rapid and target oriented service. In RPO pattern, the client company outsources its whole recruitment process. The so-called whole recruitment process starts from obtaining the job description of one or thousands of vacant positions or reserved positions, analyzing the principle of company and requirement of the positions, communicating with the manager of the employer department, resumes screening, assessment of candidates, interview, to the on-boarding of suitable candidates. In other words, RPO provides one-stop service from starting point to the finish line.

Professional RPO service provider can manage to vary with the requirements; it is adaptable to the change in numbers of positions and types of positions.

The advantages of RPO service: HR department of client company can focus on the core business; improve efficiency and lower the operational risks, optimize the recruitment process and get the suitable talent at a timely and effective manner; introduce improved recruitment method and skills including scientific information system management recruitment process, strengthened key KPI evaluation method.

Nowadays, more and more companies in China need RPO service because they want to fill the vacant positions with suitable personnel quickly instead of in consideration of cost control. Comparing with the recruiting cost, the importance of recruiting speed and quality is much higher.

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